You don’t play for Celtic, you live for Celtic.  Tommy Burns

John Greig hit me once.  I got up and then a moment later I was down again.  Then seconds after that he dumped me on the track at Ibrox.  I said to him: ‘John, are you trying to intimidate me?’   Jimmy Johnstone

Celtic Football Club is a unique and world-renowned sporting institution with a support like no other and it is no surprise that since its foundation in 1887 it has been a constant source of comment, controversy and column inches. 

The Shamrock Celtic Retro Magazine has gathered together the funniest, the saddest, the most inspirational and incisive quotes about the club in one volume from players, fans, managers, directors, critics, opponents and admirers across the globe.  All the Celtic greats are here – Stein, Johnstone, Maley, McGrory, Quinn, McStay, Tully, Larsson – and Tony Cascarino even gets a passing mention. 

Track the club’s history through quotes from the very beginning with founding fathers including Brother Walfrid and John Glass to early legends such as Dan Doyle and Sandy McMahon.  Willie Maley oversaw the development of the first great Celtic team and brought legendary figures such as Patsy Gallagher and Jimmy McGrory to the club.  Through fallow years and controversies such as ‘the flag flutter’ key personalities such as Robert Kelly dominated until the Stein era heralded success the like of which had never been imagined.  The Lisbon Lions deserve – and get – a chapter of their own and we hear from and about those who have shaped Celtic and its fortunes in the decades since.   

In the Beginning

A Grand Old Team to Play For

Rivalry, Referees, Reporters and Religion

Faithful Through and Through

Custodians and Malcontents

In the Heat of Lisbon 

In the Hot Seat

A Love Supreme

The Book of Celtic Quotes

£12 fee includes delivery to addresses in the UK and Six Counties of Ireland


This is the third book produced by The Shamrock – the others can be found here:

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