Hearts fans – Head over heels, the most stupid in Scotland?

Watch this prize eejit venting his spleen against Celtic’s Adam Matthews .  .  .

And here he another one in even more spectacular action against Hibs earlier this season.  They just can’t catch a break – unless it’s on the neck.

Celtic Charity Christmas Cards from The Shamrock


In keeping with the great charitable traditions of our club and support, we have designed this Brother Walfrid-inspired Christmas Card to help generate funds for two modern charities close to the spirit of the Poor Children’s Dinner Tables – the purpose for which Celtic was formed.

These are A5-size cards with a colour cover and plain text inside with a Brother Walfrid quote and the Celtic cross design from the club’s first jersey.   Please click on images (above) and below for close-up views.  They cost £1 each.  50p from each card sold will go to the Glasgow North-East Foodbank and 50p will go to the Kano Foundation.  All monies raised from sales will go to these charities; no sums will be deducted for production costs.

Postal and packaging fees are also included in the £1 cost for Scotland, England, Wales and the North of Ireland.  If you live outwith these countries then email us (theshamrock@outlook.com) and we’ll give you a quote for postage.

Payment is by PayPal to theshamrock@outlook.com.  Please insert ‘Charity Christmas Card’ in the instructions section and please let us know your name and address for sending.


Ad cover



Ad insert


If you have any queries or questions please contact us at theshamrock@outlook.com or on Twitter and Facebook. 


Thanks for your support.  The initial interest has been heartening. 



“I . . I . . I . . carumba!” Fugitive Craigybhoy’s interview with Rangers TV, May 2011

Craig Whyte wrestler

As the long arm of the devious and decadent British State seizes our great hero from his Mexican homestead, let’s re-live one of his greatest moments – his steadfast handling of a fawning interview with Rangers TV.  Marvel at his nerve on the day he took over as owner of the corrupt and soon-to-be-liquidated Rangers FC, the long-despised Scottish institution (in the same sense that the  State Hospital at Carstairs is an institution, although it has fewer basket-cases who are less prone to violence and enjoy better dress sense).

  • Chuckle as he tells The Sun’s Lindsay Herron how he’s a passionate Rangers fan!
  • Giggle as he refers to deidco as a “worldwide brand”!
  • Chortle as he says, with a straight face, that David Murray’s legacy “speaks for itself”!!  (Exactly!)
  • Roll on the floor laughing your arse off as he talks, with a glint in his eye, about the club’s “tremendous commercial opportunities”!!!
  • But, most of all, relish the bravery of this unique individual as he goes into the belly of the beast – while their fans cheer him on from the sidelines and protest outside the BBC on his behalf – as he proceeds to scuttle the “institution” and finish it off forever

Such bravery will never be forgotten.  At the very least he deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award for servcies to comedy.  As he lies, falsely imprisoned, in a dank and lonely prison cell let us come together and declare for the world to hear:  Free the Google-eyed 1!  And his tapes!! 

And keep a prayer in your heart for the offspring he was forced to leave behind in old Mexico City:

Craig Whyte  Juan Carlos


(Junior’s photo from the Whyte Family Album courtesy of #JobbyTash)


This has been a WealthOffTheRadar production


“Glasgow Rangers – you let your club die” – Jambos rip the Zombies a new hole

Struggling in the lower reaches.  Financial troubles set to plunge the new club you follow into administration or worse.  A manager who things tactics are wee sweeties on sale next to the till in the newsagent.  Refereeing decisions not going your way.  A 9 point gap emerging between you and the league leaders.  And then you have to listen to Hearts fans, fucking badly-dressed, barely literate overweight, Huns-without-the-bus-fare Hearts fans, mocking the fact that you let your club die.  And they didn’t.

Feeling your pain.


This is good:


This is even better:  “Rangers died but the Hearts survived” 


Thoughts and prayers at this difficult time with The The Rangers manager.  May he continue to survive and prosper in the lower leagues on his financial crisis-inducing salary.