1960s Scarf inherited from Dad

5 Thoughts

  1. In response to Margaret McKenna. I would pay the sum of £200.00 for this Scarf. I have supported/loved Celtic for just over 50 years. I use to own this type of scarf, but lost it at an away match in the early 1980s. I would love to own one again for a number of reasons. I wore this scarf as a child/young boy going to the games with my late father from the mid 60s; and then travelling with my pals form the 1973/74 season onwards. I would’nt even want to wear it to the matchs now. Just to own one again would be thrilling as I have so many special memories of wearing this scarf: 1971, Cup Final reply -1973, 8 In a Row Easter Road etc. I see they are some replicas around. But nothing could beat owning an original again as supporting Glasgow Celtic has always been my life and this type of Celtic scarf fills me with nostalia

  2. I am very pleased to say I was fortunate enough to be able to buy the original version of the is scarf for £130.00 on Gumtree this week. I am just delighted I finally managed to obtain one following losing my original some years ago. This scarf is getting framed!! My thanks to Paul from the theshamrock for putting my original ad on this website.
    Thomas Campbell. ps fellow celts who like these types of scarf- they are very decent replicas on Ebay at the moment. cheers, Celtic FC always!

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