One’s Called Ronald . . .

In 2000, one of the famed Dutch de Boer twins – Ronald – joined Rangers, a significant step down from his previous clubs of Ajax and  Barcelona.  The fact that he scored one goal during his unfortunate spell in Catalonia may explain his subsequent move from Camp Nou to Camp Zoo, while the more successful twin stayed behind.

Celtic fans celebrated the arrival of the Dutchman with the following ditty:

One’s called Ronald,
One’s called Frank,
One plays for Barcelona,
The other one’s a wank
Imagine the surprise when, not taking advantage of any tax evasion measures whatsoever, Ronald was joined by Frank at the Oranjdome in 2003.  The highlight of the other member of this gruesome twosome’s short career with the Deady Bears came in February 2004 when he missed a penalty in a League Cup semi-final shoot v Hibs, allowing Stephen Dobbie to fire the Edinburgh team into the final (which the English commentator memorably described as ‘Dobbie does the jobbie for Hibernian’).

It wasn’t long before the Celtic support were celebrating the humiliating penalty miss in song.  How the shitey had fallen . . .

One’s called Ronald,
One’s called Frank,
One missed a penalty,
The other one’s a wank


Commemorative scarves of this fine tune are also available at all good Gallowgate outlets:

Lucky Celtic yfronts   KDS   Champs 2003-4 scarf with One's called Ronald line 2 (2)



Read about more Celtic songs and chants here:

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