#OrangeFestBands – final line-up confirmed!

KKK March to George Square

The hatefest masquerading as #OrangeFest in Glasgow this weekend has generated condemnation and ridicule in equal measure.  One of the best piss-takes of the LOL gathering has been the #OrangeFestBands hashtag on Twitter

Here’s The Shamrock’s selection of the best bands not to line-up at this sash bash 🙂

The Bile Council


Snow Pope of Rome Patrol


Wishbone Sash


Flutey and the Blowpish


Masonic Youth


Larkhall and Goats


Rage against the Sistine


The Notorious B.I.G.O.T.


The Blue Vile


Kid Drumcree and the Coo-coo-nuts


 Billy Idle


 Judas Nae Priests


 The Who V F

Prod Stewart


 A-ha, A-ha, A-ha, A-ha ha ha


(We Are The) Village People


Calvinist Harris


The Sash Klan Sinatras

Masonic Street Preachers



Snoop Proddy Dog

A Flock of Sieg Heils


Grandmaster Sash and the Furious Fenians

Finally, a word from #OrangeFest’s promoter:

“George Square is that way boys!”

George Square Hitler

4 Thoughts

  1. 27,000 people signed a petition protesting this ridiculous KKK horseshit. I would find it hilarious, except that it’s not, and now I have to spend most of my summer writing about these ignorant bastards. The piece was funny, though.

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