Sevco’s Submarine Sunday

It had all started off so promisingly for “the peepil” too with their famed modest, friendly and respectful approach to the opposition:

Motherwell  Sink us and we'll sink you

After all, it was only Motherwell.  Well, that’s what they said before the first leg.

Only Motherwell they said

All the ingredients were there:  Triumphalism.  Arrogance.  Threats.  Delusion.  It could only lead to a special kind of Sunday . . . does anyone have that sinking feeling yet?  Here it comes . . .

Submarine Sunday yellow sub

Things were going well.  No goals conceded.  Only 2 required to turn the tie around.  The Sevco manager, fresh from the set of Prisoner: Cell Block H had that funny feeling again:


Not so much goosebumps as things that go bump in the night.   Sorry, what was that Mr President?


You say Cammy, we say . . . .

Calamity Bell

Wait a minute – didn’t he just blow in from the Windy City – well that was might pretty!  I feel a musical coming on . . .

Calamity Bell  the Musical

Hold on a minute, this wasn’t in the script – even Sevco Yoda knows that!

Sevco Yoda

They told us The Rangers Are Coming.  And we all took the threat very seriously . . . didn’t we?

Ronny  Rangers are Coming

Looks like they were maybe, well, a wee bit premature?

Rangers are Coming prematurely

But “The Peepil” are not known for hedging their bets.  Although they are familiar with hedges from their famous Journey:

The Journey   The Hedge

Losing heavily on aggregate?  Hang on:

Moshni  No Need to Be upset

No, they didn’t.  Did they?

Ronny and Moshni

It was a move designed to steady the ship.  How’s that working out for HMS Sevco?

HMS Sevco

Still, at least they had a captain they could rely on.  No chance of Big Jig (as his maw calls him) ever flagging in a game of this importance . . .

McCulloch flaggin

Whit’s that?  They lost another goal?!?  Oops, looks like we’ve got some technical problems in the technical area

McCall  Sky crashing

That 2nd goal is a bit of a blow.  How do you say?

Booft in the Stewart McCalls

Ah c’mon now, remember:

Moshni No need to be upset 2 with glasses

After all, big Moshni has a six pack and he can pack a punch too:

Moshni  Taps aff

What’s that you say?

Moshni  boxing gloves

Of course he can.  He appeared in front of a lot more in that Star Wars movie:

Moshni as Jar Jar

At least his next bum note will only be heard in jail:

Moshni  Guitar  Don't's top b elieving

Although it might not be all his bum is getting used for inside.  Wait – that 6-1 aggregate defeat doesn’t mean tragedy for ra Berrz does it?

Another year

And now for a conundrum:

Sevco Taxi

And a quick visit to the Hunnery:

Sevco season tickets

This is not what “The Peepil” were promised!  Boooooooooo!

Special One to Six One

But, but . . . Mr King said we were minted.  Oh, that’s what he meant:


But it’s no’ fair! It’s cos i’ those Taigs.  They’re obsessed wi’ us!!!

Obsessed v Amused

But the coach said there were three steps to Premiership heaven!

Three steps to heaven

I can feel another song coming on.  Time to get Sloshed . . .

Submarine Sunday slosh!

At least he got one thing right!

McCall job done

Lest we forget . . . Submarine Sunday would never have happened under Mr Struth!!

Submarine Lest we forget

Although there’s every chance it could become an annual event under Mr King!

Direct hit!  Dive!  Dive!  Dive!   (Not you again Vuckic ffs!!)

Ah, the joy of six on a Sunday.   How was it for you?

Submarine Sunday not a copter in sight

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