Graffiti on the wall it says: ‘We’re Magic! We’re Magic!’

Street art.  Graffiti.  Vandalism.  Call it what you will but there’s always been an urge by some fans to get the Celtic name on the walls and out on the streets.  In more recent years the Style Mile Vandals have led the way in Celtic street art.  More power to their elbow.

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Ultras Celtic – UC – SMV

UC grafitti  GB logo



1888 class


Ultras – Celtic Cross

Ultras Celtic cross


Celtic 7-1!  The Gorbals Die-hards say it loud and proud! 

Seventh heaven in the Gorbals  7 1 grafitti



‘Pure Beautiful Inventive Football’ – poster art in the heart of the Barras








Celtic/ Athletic Bilbao mural – the Basque Country

AC Bilbao and Celtic mural



Hector the Taxman – Bye Bye!

UC SMV  Tax man



St Pauli – Celtic mural, Hamburg

St Pauli Celtic mural in Hamburg 1

St Pauli Celtic mural in Hamburg 2


Celtic mural in Belfast

Mural Belfast


RIP Huns (Rest in Pieces)

RIP Huns



San Francisco CSC – Brothers Across the Ocean




Celtic & Derry City mural

Mural Derry


Stairway to Heaven!

Stairway to heaven






North Curve . . . from every street in Glasgow

North Curve every street in Glasgow


ULTRAS – Style Mile Vandals




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