CELTIC SNIPPETS – ‘The Celts’ – A poem, 1894

CELTIC SNIPPETS - 'The Celts' - A poem, 1894

Celtic Snippets from The Bear

A poem in praise of the first great Celtic team. 


Brave Irish hearts – staunch, leal and true –
To dare and do, I ween,
With prowess stout as Sarsfield’s boys
Who wore the jackets green;
You bear aloft to victory
In many a stormy fight
The dear old flag, the brave old flag,
The flag of green and white!

Renowned is Hampden’s “Old Brigade”
With proud, striped flag unfurled
And hardy lads, my Renton
“The champions of the world!”
But not from from Wick to Solway tide
A match you’ll find, I ween,
For the dazzling combination
Of the wearers of the green.

The Warriors fight in red-and-white,
The Rangers love the blue,
Dumbarton bold sport black-and-gold,
Hearts to maroon are true;
But these and more in combat fierce
That stirred the soul to see,
Before the might of “jackets green”
Were forced to bow the knee.

Come, see my heroes tread the sward,
M’Mahon in the van, –
How stout, how sure the brave defence
Of Jerry, Joe and Dan!
Now Madden scores, now Blessington
They reck nor hurt nor fall,
And, oh the shout that echoes out
With Kelly on the ball!

Then praise we all this gallant band,
Who never know fatigue,
The stoutest hearts in all the land –
The champions of the League;
Victors in grim and stirring fights,
And heroes to their belts!
They’re worthy sons of Irish sires,
And “bould, bould Celts”.

Cupholders ad lib, and Champions con amore
Respectfully incribed to TEM


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