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  1. Long shot. I’m given to understand that my late Grandfather Patrick Reynolds (since my birth, he lived in Ailsa Avenue followed by Brandon Court, Motherwell) was a founding member/involved with the Carfin Celtic? My Aunt seems to think he was possibly the Secretary? I’m guessing this would have been sometime in the 1940’s. I would be grateful for any information you have or know about his involvement with the club. It’s a part of our family’s social history I’d like to explore. I also understand the constraints of The GDPR but anything you can help with is better than nothing. Thank you.

  2. Hello Michael – I have the CSC Carfin’s 40th anniversary brochure. Your grandad isn’t mentioned on the original committee but he may feature in a photo of the CSC to Methil in the 1950s. Please email me at theshamrock@outlook.com and I will send you the photo. Thanks.

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