‘Tic Toons – Celtic 1922, Scottish League Champions

'Tic Toons - Celtic 1922, Scottish League Champions

The Celtic team of 1922 contained some truly famous names: Patsy Gallacher, The Mighty Atom; Charlie Shaw, statistically the best Celtic goalkeeper ever; the McStay brothers (great-uncles to the later McStay brothers who donned the Hoops); Trooper Joe Cassidy; Jean McFarlane; Andy McAtee from Croy and The Icicle himself, Alec McNair, one of Celtic’s longest-serving players.

Some excellent colour caricatures of one of Celtic’s famous elevens.

And look out for the great image of the Celtic supporters of the early ’20s celebrating in the bottom corner!


More ‘Tic Toons here . . . https://theshamrockglasgow.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/tic-toons-the-series/

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