Artur Boruc – The Holy Goalie

Celtic's goalkeeper Boruc grabs Rangers' Weir by the throat during their "Old Firm" Scottish Premier League soccer match in Glasgow, Scotland

Back in 2006, the Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc received a formal police caution in Glasgow after blessing himself at a match.  It was his established routine to pray and make the sign of the cross at the start of each half.  In February, in a game against Rangers at Ibrox, he blessed himself in the usual way – and in the usual way, the Huns went mental.  Bizarrely, it was Boruc rather than the bigots subjecting him to sectarian abuse, who were the subject of police action.




The caution didn’t stop him – he kept on blessing himself.  The Holy Goalie’s failure to back down further endeared him to the Celtic support.  Many considered himself to be the best ‘keeper at the club since Ronnie Simpson.  As well as sensational saves, his obvious dislike for Rangers and their support, his public declarations of faith and occasional stunts (like wearing a t-shirt at Ibrox with fellow Pole Pope John Paul II on it) all meant that the bold Boruc will long be remembered and loved by the faithful.


It is believed the chant in his tribute was dreamt up in The Black Cat, a Celtic bar in Greenock, after the consumption of generous amounts of a certain tonic wine.  It was soon taken up across the country.  Simple and straight to the point!


Oh-oh, Artur Boruc – the Holy Goalie

He Hates the Huns!

He blessed himself at Ibrox

And the Huns off went off their nuts

He’s off his fuckin’ rocker 

And he sings ‘God Bless the Pope’!

Here is the Holy Goalie joining in with the  song in the  title celebrations at Tannadice in 2008:


And  here’s Homer Simpson teaching the weans the song.  It is not known  if Police Scotland are seeking an extradition warrant . . .


Ready for some more Celtic songs and chants?  Fill yer boots by clicking here.

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