Oh, I love my Tommy McInally!

Tommy McInally portrait

Tommy McInally was a Celtic star of the 1920s who manager Willie Maley struggled to contain his exuberance both on and of the pitch.  A delightful ball player, Tommy could score them as well (bagging 39 goals in his first season).

He quickly became a fans’ favourite, renowned for his cheeky tricks and on-pitch chats with opponents desperately trying to intimidate him.  A defender once threatened to “eat”  him.  Tommy responded by saying “Well, at least that’ll get some fitba intae ye!

He scored 127 goals in 213 first team appearances over 2 spells with the club.  The love that the Celtic support had for him is apparent from this song from the ’20s terracings (to the tune of Roamin’ in the Gloamin’):


Tommy McInally, he’s the toast of ground and stand,

Tommy McInally, he’s the greatest in the land!

Even though I get the sack, how I love my Tommy Mac,

Oh, I love my Tommy McInally!


 Tommy McInally, he’s the man that makes us sing,

Tommy McInally, as he charges up the wing!

And when he gets the ball, you can hear the Celtic call

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy McInally!


Find out more about Tommy McInally in David Potter’s excellent book on sale here
Thanks to Maley’s Bhoys – the song is referenced in the book Uniquely Celtic on sale here – a truly great Celtic read!
More Celtic songs and chants can be found here – get singing!  

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