Gil Heron, Celtic’s Black Arrow, goes Dutch

Gil Dutch newspaper headline

The Netherlands newspaper de Volkskrant has today published an article in advance of Thursday’s visit by  Ajax about Celtic’s trail-blazing striker from the 1950s, Gil Heron, the first professional black footballer in both the United States and Scotland.

The article focuses on  the relationship between Gil and his son, the musical legend Gil Scott-Heron, who wrote ‘The Revolution Won’t Be Televised’, ‘The Bottle’ and ‘Johannesburg’ and considered by many to be the inspiration for the development of rap music.

You can read the article here –

Please be aware that the Google translation into English has not been entirely successful, for instance Gil Senior’s first marriage did not last 18 years and at no time was he sent to jail!


Read the original article by The Shamrock ‘The Noble Stride: Celtic and the Pioneering Herons’ here:  The Noble Stride


Click below to read about Michael Marra’s wonderful song in tribute to Gil Heron ‘The Flight of the Heron’ and listen to the song by Michael and Scottish band The Hazy Janes:


Tribute song to Celtic's Black Arrow: Gil Heron



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