Frankie Miller – The Brigton Bhoy (documentary)

Frankie Miller 1980s

Frankie Miller is one of Scotland’s best known singer-songwriters who was a major recording star (and sometime actor) in the 1970s and early ’80s, best known for his renditions of the songs ‘Caledonia’ and ‘Darlin’.

Frankie comes from Bridgeton and attended Sacred Heart School in the area – the school that Brother Walfrid was the first headmaster of and home to the first Poor Children’s Dinner Table which Celtic were established to raise funds for.  He is a very well known Celtic supporter and was a long-term drinking pal of Jinky back in the day as well as friend of Billy Connolly, Rod Steward and many other entertainers.

Frankie Miller and Jinky and TB

Tommy Burns, Frankie, Jinky and Chrissie Stewart at Celtic Park in the early ’80s

This is an insightful documentary into Frankie’s life and career as well as the impact that a brain haemorrage in 1994 had on him and his partner Annette, thanks to whose love and support Frankie survived and has recovered to an extent that was initially thought by medics to be unimaginable.

Click here to view the documentary on YouTube:  Frankie Miller documentary – Stubborn Kind of Fella

God Bless You Frankie.

Frankie Miller Celtic Park

Frankie gets a run out in the Hoops in front of the old Jungle

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4 Thoughts

    1. Frankie has his health problems but is very much still with us. In fact he has a new Album about to be released !! You’re right nobody could rock it lock wee Frankie !!

  1. I’m Frankie millers biggest fan!! I was 17 when I first heard darling and was hooked. I’m now 56 and often listen to his music he’s an amazing guy. Very versatile, he can sing anything..keep rocking Frankie xxx

  2. Aye, Carole, he had a fantastic voice, him Alex Harvey and Bon Scott were the greatest voices to ever come out of Scotland.

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