Celtic Stories: Oh Harry Harry

Harry Hood no.9

We came across one of the most memorable Celtic stories involving a player and a supporter online a good few years ago.  Apologies as the source has been lost in the mists of internet time but this is how we remember the story going . . .

In one of the many Edinburgh buses that transported Celtic fans from the capital home and away in the 80s and 90s, there was one regular argument that broke out surrounding a famous hat-trick by the 1970s star striker Harry Hood.

One of the older members of the bus had a problem with a stutter which wasn’t all that noticeable unless he was getting excited or wound up and then it became very obvious.  This fan used to always maintain that when Harry Hood scored a hat-trick against Rangers in the 1973 League Cup semi-final at Hampden – the last Celtic player to score a hat-trick before the Ibrox club were liquidated – he did so with three headers.  The more others on the bus would disagree with this old fella, the more worked up he would get and he would start stuttering and swearing all over the shop.  It was a source of much merriment to everyone else.

Harry Hood hotel 1970

Harry – and his hotel, 1970

One day the bus, who normally stopped on their way to home games in Lanarkshire for some refreshments, went to Angels Hotel in Uddingston, long owned by none other than Mr Harry Hood.  This was the old fella’s chance to set the record straight and put down the detractors who for years had been claiming his memory was faulty.  As luck would have it, Harry himself was behind the bar that day.  The exchange went something like this:

Up went the old fella, a wee bit anxious about meeting one of his heroes:  “Harry, do you remember that hat-trick you scored against R-R-Rangers at Hampden all those years ago?”

Harry responded:  “Of course I do pal, what a night that was.” 

The old fella again:  “Well you’ll remember Harry, each of the goals that night you got with your head, didn’t ye?” 

Harry again responded:  “No, it was two shots and a header that I got.” 

The old boy leaned over the bar, up to Harry Hood’s face and said:  “You’re a f-f-f-f-f-fucking liar!”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

The day after the semi-final the Daily Record declared him to be Harry Hoodini and the accompanying match report (and photos) confirmed that Harry’s recollection of two shots and a header was bang on:

Harry Hoodin headline

Harry Hood was a popular striker among the Celtic support in the 1970s and they adapted a famous George Harrison song in his honour:

We don’t need your Colin Stein, Eusebio or your Alan Gilzean

We’ve got someone twice as good

We’ve got Harry Hood!

Oh Harry Harry

Oh Lou Macari

Oh Kevin Barry

Oh Harry Hood! (Oh Harry Hood!) 

Harry Hood card


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  1. Back in the early 80s when the grounds still had terracings and bigger crowds we left Tyncastle after a game and went into a pub called Ryries at Haymarket in Edinburgh it was busy with fans half and half them and us, we got talking to some Hearts fans but when we said we were Celtic fans (scarfs in pockets) they were not too keen and when they realised we were from Edinburgh that made them sick. ” Do ye’s actually go tae the games ? ” one of them asked ” Of course we do every week home and away” we replied ” Aye I’ll bet ye could’nae even name the Lisbon Lions ” he says to which my mate ”Todd” gave them the referee in Lisbon Kurt Tschensncher and two linesmen Jacobi and Eisemann then the whole Inter team from Sarti in goal to Capellini on the left wing, the three Jambos stood there speechless and Todd goes ” Nae point in geing ye the Lions now then is there ”
    HH Great site keep it going.

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