Lego Paradise

Lego Celtic Park North Stand close up

It had to happen eventually.  With the world gone Lego crazy it was only a matter of time before attentions were turned to the world’s great football stadia.

This is an impressive re-modelling of the grand old stadium on a tiny scale that James Forrest/Brian McLaughlin/Patsy Gallacher*  would still fit into quite comfortably.  No detail has been spared in the recreation of the modern Celtic Park – the eagle-eyed among you might even identify your own seat in Paradise.

* Delete according to age

Lego Celtic Park

As it is on sale for the princely sum of £299, most would struggle to afford the real thing and have to make do playing with the model and imagining the game being played out on the verdant turf while simultaneously listening to the Radio Shortbread broadcast.

Lego Celtic Park behind LL stand

Lego Celtic Park from behind Jock Stein Stand

Lego North Stand

This guy liked the original Lego model so much he went out and built a new stadium based on it, thankfully he didn’t forget about the roof at the construction stage

Lego Fergus McCann

The first Lego Celtic players didn’t look entirely convincing

Lego Celtic players

Although the Joe Ledley version looked closer than most

Lego Celtic Joe Ledley

The cufflink Lego Celt is probably the best of them all, despite having Sarah Ferguson’s chin

Lego Celtic cufflinks

It is good to see that other Scottish teams haven’t been neglected, even the newest one.  On Twitter, @CelticChuck67 revealed that the latest bloomail campaign had forced Lego to bring out a limited edition Manchester 2008 version to recall oldco’s finest hour.  Lest we forget.

Lego 2008 Huns Europa Cup Final

If you have £299 to spare here is a link to the site selling the miniature Celtic Park which has a video highlighting the fine detail involved:

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