Centenary of Brother Walfrid – the club and support remember and honour his legacy

Walfrid 1840 - 1915

The man credited with founding Celtic Football Club passed away one hundred years ago today.

On Wednesday night, before the Kilmarnock game at Celtic Park, Celtic supporters donated an estimated £30,000 in food and over £3,000 in cash to help various foodbanks throughout Glasgow and beyond who play such an important role in helping those in dire need of support in our modern society.  The food collection was organised by a team of volunteers and the Celtic FC Foundation, ordinary fans, who gave up their time freely (and some of whom missed the game itself) to ensure the food was distributed to the organisations as quickly as possible.  Their efforts, as well as those who donated hundreds and hundreds of bags of food on their way to the match, demonstrate that the ideals that Brother Walfrid (born Andrew Kerins) lived by and on which our club are founded, continue through to 2015.

The club itself have organised a lunch at Celtic Park today for 500 homeless people from our home city of Glasgow – again with the Foundation supporting the event.

It has been truly uplifting to see such great work being done for charity in commemoration of the Sligoman’s centenary anniversary.  Long may the ethos that Brother Walfrid lived by and the football club he created continue to survive and prosper.

Faithful Through and Through

To learn more about the life and work of Brother Walfrid read our article here:  https://theshamrockglasgow.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/the-brother-walfrid-story/

Walfrid grave

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