Milan – Here Come The Celts!

As thousands of Celtic fans visit the Italian city for the Europa League tie, The Shamrock looks back to the time when the support descended on Milan – for the 1970 European Cup Final v Feyenoord.

Milan Here Come The Celts

More fans travelled to Milan in 1970 than Lisbon in ’67.  These Bhoys (below) went by motorcade – leaving from the front door of Celtic Park and driving all the way to Italia.

Milan Motorcade at Celtic Park 1970

The Belfast Tims had taken over most of the Milanese landmarks:

Celtic fans in Milan 1970 with Rotterdam fans

The Celtic support brought colour as well as noise to the city

MILAN 1970   Celtic fans in the square and banners

The Dutch fans were happy to join in the fun.  They were the only ones still dancing the next day though.

Milan 1970 Celtic fans in square

Giant hooped hats appeared to be de rigeur around the San Siro and the city that month.  Milan Fashion Week was just in its infancy:

Milan 1970  Square

Banners, flags, scarves and hats were the order of the day!

Milan final 1970

These fans decided to take scenic route home – via Mont Blanc!

Celtic fans at Mont Blanc on way from Milan 1970

While these supporters decided to get into the San Siro early and take advantage of the decent weather.  It is not known if they were carrying pyro at the time.  Many of these fans were happy to predict a 2 goal victory for the Celts!

Milan Celts sunbathing in San Siro


There was no luck to be had and Celtic lost 2_1. What would you give for that result being reversed in our favour today!

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