Paradise Regained! Celtic v Inter – fan photos and footage

GB display from below with players cut out

It was an incredible night in Paradise when Internazionale of Milan came to visit for the first time four decades.


Celtic Park looked very different from the last time Inter arrived on Kerrydale Street

Celtic Way before the melee


The Italians were met at the front door by this old foe

Jock Statue and cover


And this shy, retiring one!

Bertie Auld on pitch before game


The Green Brigade put on an incredible display commemorating that famous afternoon in Lisbon with a quote from the great man himself:

GB display  Italian press 1


GB from upper North Stand 1


GB display  from Main Stand 1


From the blank telly screen the displayed changed to show famous images from the Lisbon ’67 final


GB display Photobhoy



GB Display Italian press 2




Full footage of the near 10 minute display can be viewed here:


The Inter fans enjoyed listening to ‘You’ll Never Walk On’ alone before the game started:

Inter fans enjoy YNWA


Many forgot to sing their own songs, taken as they were with the spectacle of Celtic Park in full voice:


YNWA as enjoyed from the opposite corner of the ground:


The action on the pitch wasn’t too bad either:

Huddle at CP


Armstrong scores his first


Armstrong and Griffiths celebrate


The Celtic support just could not get enough:


And the management team were enjoying themselves too:

John Collins celebrates


Despite a brave and skilful performance it looked as though the Italians would run out 3-2 winners until John Guidetti decided to . . . after a three month gap . . . put the ball in the netti!

Guidetti strikes!

Guidettie celebrates


Guidetti celebrates 2


The joyous scenes as Celtic Park rocked will live long in the memory – the players showed their appreciation of the support too:


The team goes to Milan next week in the knowledge they can match Inter and maybe, just maybe, pull off a famous victory.  One that would certainly see them build up their own legends at Celtic Park and beyond.


After the game fans went on social media to highlight other legends of the Scottish game

GB display  Craigy


And to remind the Green Brigade that Police Scotland would be placing special ‘focus’ on their activities on the night:


GB display  TV licence required


A truly unforgettable night in Paradise!  Here’s hoping the support will continue to turn out in great numbers as the team aim for 4 in a row against a spirited Aberdeen challenge.  Who would want to miss occasions like this? 


If you enjoy the displays of the Green Brigade and appreciate the tremendous hard work that goes into producing them then please donate – the cost of the Inter display is estimated at between £2-£3k and coffers are running dry.  Please use PayPal for any donations you can spare to keep the great displays and banners coming – use this address for donations:










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