Celtic Stickers

One of the most public aspects of the ultra movement in football is the preponderance of stickers around the club’s ground and city.

Celtic is no exception and in recent years the Green Brigade have taken the lead in producing vibrant and punchy sticker designs of the highest quality.  Maybe not to everyone’s taste but they certainly have improved the streetscape in Glasgow and beyond.

Here’s some of the best ones . . .

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Celtic Mods  KTF sticker




We're on the road again






GB skull   Victoria Bridge


Against Modern Football

GB Evolution sticker

Ultras Celtic on white

67 star

The Hundead

Tommy sticker


Sham2 and Brake clubs, ticket office

Shammy Fanatics

1888 Celtic

Celtic on Tour

Celtic MD 20 20

John Thomson GB History

Celtic 4 leaf script

Tommy GB History

Henrik and Harrold GB history

Jinky GB History

Paul McStay GB History

Jock trophies GB history

The Shamrock and St Pauli

Forever Celtic sky

Walfrid crest

MDMA CFC  You make me happy

Cowdenbeath Flying Column

Celtic Extremists SMV

Banned Bhoys SMV

GB flags Murrayfield

Centenary team GB

Celtic 1888 Walfrid single

Against Modern Football with Celtic scarf

Celtic Forever hoops

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