Celtic Charity Badge Day – your badge of honour! 11.5.14



A charity badge day is being held in Paradise on the last game of the season.  Organised by the Celtic FC Foundation, special badges are being sold at turnstiles for only £1 each with all monies raised helping challenge the problem of homelessness in the East End and Greater Glasgow. 

For the fundraiser to be a real success, volunteers are needed to sell badges outside every turnstile at Celtic Park.  Badge Days have been very popular in the past but not everyone who wanted a badge got one. Volunteers can make a massive difference to this:  by turning up at Celtic Park just a couple of hours before kick-off and selling the badges to your fellow fans.  It is an incredibly worthwhile thing to do and you’ll be impressed at the warm reception you’ll get. 

If you’re interested simply email  cfcfvolunteer@celticfc.co.uk and the Foundation’s co-ordinator will respond with more details of how to get involved. 

Charity is at the very heart of our club and support – it was the cause of charity that provided the reason for Brother Walfrid and his fellow founding fathers to create Celtic.  Your helps sustains this wonderful tradition.  Since 1995 the Celtic Charity Fund, which is now part of the Foundation, has raised a staggering £7 million for charitable causes at home and internationally. 

With your help, the Badge Day as part of the final game of the season v Dundee United on Sunday 11th May 2014 will be part of this great success story. 

More information visit the official club site:  http://www.celticfc.net/news/5769




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