Art of the Celts 6 – Bertie Peacock statue, Coleraine

This is a surprising location for anything associated with Celtic FC.  But Bertie Peacock was a special man. 


The captain of Celtic’s famous 7-1 team, the ever-smiling Bertie played in the Hoops for 12 years and was a very popular player with team-mates and supporters alike.  The Coleraine man was also a distinguished internationalist for Northern Ireland and it was when playing for the North in the 1958 World Cup (when they made it to the quarter-finals!) that he earned the nickname ‘THE LITTLE ANT’. 








Bertie went on to manage Northern Ireland for five years and also his hometown team of Coleraine, who won their first ever Irish League Championship under Bertie’s guidance in 1974.  He went on to help establish the famous Milk Cup youth tournament. 



With 453 Celtic appearances and 50 goals, Bertie Peacock is a legendary Celt.  This statue was unveiled by Pat Jennings in 2007, three years after Bertie’s death. 



Sportsman   Statesman   Gentleman – Celtic’s Bertie Peacock



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