Tears for Souvenirs . . . Farewell to the Jam Farts

ImageAh, 1986.  How they cried. How we laughed.  

The season they were sponsored by Mita copiers. 


They Mita won the league that season.   They Mita won the cup too.  They failed on both counts. 


And so the tears kept falling . . .



And the laughs kept coming . . .


ImageThey turned up in great numbers to celebrate winning the league at Dens Park.   Turns out the big party was in Paisley . . .



ImageAlbert was the unlikely name of the hero that undid them that day.  Twice. 

ImageHe may have looked like Bobby Ball.  But the only ‘Rock on Tommy!’ that day was for this flame-haired genius . . .





Albert has this t-shirt of the souvenir of an unforgettable day . . .



. . . while this Jambo clownshoe has a permanent souvenir of the even bigger clownshoe who drove his dire club to administration and relegation and subjugation.   Lovely.


ImageAltogether now for tomorrow


Build a bonfire, build a bonfire . . .


2 Thoughts

  1. I was at Paisley that day whilst my Jambo uncle was at Dens Park. First thing he did when he got home was bury the bottle of celebratory champagne in the garden saying it wouldn’t be dug up till Hearts won the league. Four hours in the pub made him come to his senses, he dug it up and drank it.
    And I really was there. Still didn’t beat the Rangers 4:2 league decider but it came a close second.

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