Martin O’Neill and The Joy of Six

Martin O'Neill and The Joy of Six

Ah, the lost art of the home-made postcard. This wee gem was found in a stack of boxes in his garage by Redby Roy, one of The Shamrock’s team of writers, sent to him some 14 years ago by a pal from Edinburgh to his Cushendall bolt-hole.

One of the most momentous Celtic performances in modern times, the game heralded a new era of Martin O’Neill-induced dominance and glory. Some of the words and phrases scream out at you, after all these years: dreamland, Ibrox humiliation, Bobby Petta (“he was shite but now he’s betta’!”), contemptuous lob, sixy football, 3-0 down inside 12 minutes, Larss laugh, humiliating defeat. And poor Fernando, despite playing in his best clownshoes before being subsituted before half-time, doesn’t even rate a mention.

If you’ve got any other home-made Celtic memorabilia lurking in your nether regions please feel free to share with your fellow Tims:

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