‘The Wee Barra’ – Bobby Collins, Rest In Peace

'The Wee Barra' - Bobby Collins, Rest In Peace

Saddened to hear of the passing of this Celtic star of the 1950s who went on to become a Leeds United legend.

Renowned for his commitment and battling abilities – despite only being 5ft 4ins, Bobby played in the record-breaking 1957 League Cup Final victory over Rangers which ended 7-1:

“It was a dream of a game for us . . . They say Rangers’ mistakes in the first half were because of too much sun in their eyes, but the truth is there was had been too much Celtic in their eyes!

Twice I hit the bar with 30 yard free kicks. It always seemed to me the whole game was summed up in that final, dramatic moment. Summed up by the ball finding its final resting place in Rangers’ net, where it had nestled so often in this fantastic game.

Looking back the result was just sensational and supporters will never forget the 7-1 triumph against Rangers because we were not expected to win, but we thumped them that day.”

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