Like a Forrest Fire . . . The Shamrock takes off

Like a Forrest Fire . . . The Shamrock takes off

A big Hail Hail to all those who bought the magazine on its debut at today’s game and for the many kind comments also. One of the best was the lovely lady of a certain age who bought one “because my son told me to look out for it”. We hope he – and all who’ve now got a copy – enjoy it. Get in touch and let us know your thoughts – good and bad.

One fan, Frank, told us his Celtic View: “What a fantastic development The Shamrock has been. Absolutely delighted with the excellent standard of writing in the essays I have read so far.”

Subscription details here:

Hopefully you’ve all got the same ecstatic look on your faces as young James. (And hopefully, unlike the wee man, you’ve all got your flies zipped up! Ahem – allegedly . . .)

Hail Hail!

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