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#CelticScarves – YNWA in silk and tartan

#CelticScarves - YNWA in silk and tartan

A throw-back to the 70s – and the heyday of the Bay City Rollers – with these silk scarves which were posted on the Huddleboard. Tartan Tic anyone?

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Issue 1 of The Shamrock – Celtic Retro fanzine on sale now. Have a peek here: https://theshamrockglasgow.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/the-shamrock-issue-1-on-sale-now-only-3/

#CelticScarves – Uncle Vic’s scarf

#CelticScarves - Uncle Vic's scarf

Keith Adams sent in this picture of the scarf belonging to his Uncle Vic – along with a photo of Vic and his wife Jean wearing their Celtic scarves many years ago.

They are pictured in the Gorbals where Jean was from. Vic was originally from Dublin and a great Celtic man. He moved to Glasgow during World War 2. Keith remembers asking his aunt how often his uncle attended Celtic games – she replied “Ah, wherever you’d find Celtic you’d find Vic.”

His uncle’s scarf and the photo of his aunt and uncle are now framed together at home. Many thanks for sharing Keith – a wonderful family treasure.

#CelticScarves – Champions 2004 & “One’s Called Ronald”!

A straightforward celebration of winning the title ten years ago . . .

ImageAnd the capture of a popular fans chant celebrating the Twin Brothers Grimm and their failure to convert the easiest of chances . . .

ImageWas good to hear that chanted getting dusted down for the Ajax games this season!


Thanks to Lucky Celtic YFronts (thankfully no pic of those was submitted) from KDS for these.