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The Cumbie Boys . . . “Parkheid is their new Jerusalem!”


Stumbled across a mention of this song in an old Celtic magazine about the infamous Gorbals gang, the Cumbie Boys (from Cumberland Street) in a 60s song made famous by the Scottish folk singer, Hamish Imlach.


These boys happily carried on the Gorbals tradition as a Celtic stronghold:


“And the Cumbie Boys are Roman Catholic
Tae Chapel they’ve been wance or twice
But Parkheid is their new Jerusalem
And Jock Stein their latter-day Christ”


You can listen to Hamish singing the popular song song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8d2HWftSQY


The song also makes reference to one of the Cumbie Boys’ rival gangs from Bridgeton, the Derry Boys. Needless to say they kicked with a different foot:

“Noo the Derry Boys are devout Christians,
That’s plain baith to hear and to see
Their language is really religious:
‘Jesus Christ!’ ‘Oh my God!’ ‘FTP!’


Some of Hamish’s songs are favourites of the leading Irish singer/songwriter Christy Moore (‘Black is the Colour’ especially) and he is credited with helping the careers of John Martyn and Billy Connolly at an early stage.  He was once invited to join The Dubliners.


Hamish himself started out singing Irish rebel songs in a band called ‘The Emmettones’ whose singles, released in 1960, included Erin Go Bragh, Johnson’s Motor Car and Bold Robert Emmett, some still familiar to Celtic fans today.


Read more about Hamish Imlach here: http://projects.scottishcultureonline.com/hall-of-fame/hamish-imlach/


Hamish Imlach cover


#CelticScarves Golden Threads

#CelticScarves  Golden Threads

Michael Walker sent us a photo of this wonderful old scarf which he inherited when his Uncle Tommy passed away in 1988.

He believed it belonged originally to his Uncle Malachy and was first bought back in the early 1960s – but his good friend Franny Mullen from Manchester suggests it could be even older than that. Can anyone confirm?

#CelticScarves – A Collection

ImageCeltic fan John has a collection of over 20 scarves from the 1960s onwards which adorn the walls of his home.

ImageThis has to be one of the best preserved collection of scarves out there, each one in mint condition.  Some of the designs on John’s scarves are quite unique also.

ImageIs there a collection out there that can rival John’s?  It’ll certainly be hard to find one that’s better presented.