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‘Tic Toons – Bobbbbbbbby Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans!!!

'Tic Toons - Bobbbbbbbby Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans!!!

A favourite of the Celtic support throughout the late 1940s and 1950s, Bobby Evans was a classy defender once referred to as “a team in himself.” Flame-haired and expertly coiffured, Bobby was always well turned out.

One of the most-capped Celts of all time he was the heart of the Celtic team for almost 15 seasons. Famed also for being one of the first players to wear his jersey outside his shorts – he started this as a means of keeping cool during Celtic’s tour of the USA in 1951.

In the Centenary documentary of the club’s history produced in 1988 comedian Billy Connolly recalled how one fan standing at the back of the Jungle enclosure in the 1950s would simply bellow out Bobby Evans name in tribute over and over again.


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