Bob Marley CSC

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A couple of years ago we were inspired to create Bob Marley CSC badges to celebrate the fact that – according to no greater source than the bold Dixie Deans himself –  Tuff Gong enjoyed the entirely natural high of following the fortunes of Celtic. Well, where else could the inspiration for these lines in his famous song ‘Buffalo Soldier’ have come from, we ask you? If you know your history Then you would know where you coming from Then you wouldn’t have to ask me Who the heck do I think I am It’s enough to make your heart go . . . According to Celtic 70s star Dixie, it was through a chance meeting with Marley in Australia, where he played for Adelaide City after leaving Celtic Park, that he found out about his affection for his former club: “I didn’t know him from Adam. Our manager said he was a musician and a keen footballer but the name didn’t register. I remember he was quiet-spoken, almost shy, and his hair was long and looked, frankly, as if it was matted together and needed a good wash.”  That soon changed when the reggae superstar said:  “Are you the Dixie Deans who used to play for Celtic?”

Bob Marley considers swapping his dreadlocks for Dixie’s bubble perm


It didn’t take long for Dixie to come under the Marley spell, especially when the Jamaican started talking Celtic to him:  “Oh, you know I’m a big Celtic fan.  I would love to go to Scotland to see Celtic Park and maybe even kick a few balls there.  I know all about Jock Stein.  I love reading about British football teams and Celtic has always been my team.  And now it is my son Rohan’s team.  He’s only six but he loves Celtic.  I can’t tell you how much I envy you having played at Celtic Park.”


He may not have known much about him before the meeting but Dixie enjoyed his short time in the company of the great Marley: “We had a chat about all things Celtic and I was greatly impressed by the great man’s football knowledge. And when we got down to training, I was just as impressed by his football ability.”


Bob Marley was a lover of football (some maintain he died as a result of a football injury) and we have incorporated the famous image of him playing the game in his own tracksuit and the Celtic sentiment ‘If You Know Your History’ into our badge design.  We incorporated the colours of Jamaica and Celtic onto the badge.

The badges are available for sale via PayPal – £5 including P&P for UK and North of Ireland.*  Payment can be made via paypal to:  Please leave a note of your name and delivery address in the instructions section. 

* Ask for a quote re cost for outwith UK and Occupied Six Counties

14 Thoughts

  1. Can’t believe this. Just back at work today after a great holiday in Jamaica and I see this. Magic!

  2. Booked up for next year – so will definitely have to get one when new order comes in! Cheers to theshamrock1887

      1. theshamrock1887
        Could you please send a direct link or info for purchase of Boab Nesta badges?
        I used one the I was emailed but couldn`t see where on the page to buy it.


    1. Here are instructions to use Paypal Phil:

      1) Go to and log in to your account.

      2) Click on the “Send Money” tab

      3) Fill out the payment form:
      Send money to:
      Amount: £10.00
      Set currency to: GBP – British Pounds
      Click on: Goods button
      Click: Continue

      4) Review your payment before sending:
      Please enter “Bob Marley CSC” in the Subject box
      Please enter your Name, Address and No. of badges in the Message box.

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