Scottish Freemasons trial new-style ‘Grip’!

Hun cups hun's baws in celebration  new grip

There’s not a handshake quite like a Masonic  handshake.  And there’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers (RIP).

No surprises then that it was players of The Rangers who were seen trying out the new style masonic ‘grip’ on BBC TV yesterday whilst celebrating their team’s exit at home in the Scottish Cup at the hands of Raith Rovers before a mammoth crowd.

Quite why it is now seen as necessary to cup a fellow brother’s ball-sack in public as a way of affirming their membership of the local ludge is, of course, a secret.

It does however beg the question:  what kind of greeting does a The Rangers player get from his team-mates when he scores a hat-trick?  The mind truly boggles on a McDowall-esque scale

Fortunately it is not something that the public are likely to be subjected to any time soon given the make-up of their current ‘strikeforce’.

Scottish Freemasonry –  truly a mafia for the mediocre


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