Classical Celtic: The Bear and The Berserkers

The Berserking front page


Inspired by an amazing and infuriating Celtic performance against Partizan Belgrade, this supporter wrote a piece of classical music now rated among the best produced from these isles in modern times.  The recurring  image of a rampaging Roy Aitken tearing about Celtic Park and giving his all fearlessly put the young composer in mind of tales of the fearless Viking warriors, the notorious Berserkers – and an idea grew into a timeless piece of music.


Bear and Berserker


Read the full story of how Jacki Dziekanowski’s  four goals helped create a night of celebration, tension and sorrow the likes of which have never been seen in Paradise since – and are captured in James MacMillan’s amazing composition The Berserking.

Read the full story in Issue 2 of The Shamrock available here – only £4 incl. P&P:


Sham 2 cover





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