Sevco does The Quadruple . . .

. . .  and they’re up to their knees inconvenient flood!

Sevco quadruple

And to think their fans are worried they’ll see no silverware this season!  It turns out their investor lounges are overflowing with cups and trophies of great distinction.


The Old Lady of Ibrokes has certainly seen better days.  As David Murray  (aka The Liquidator) once boasted:   “For every fiver Celtic spend, we’ll spend a Tena”.  Looks like this Old Lady will be needing quite a few Tenas to help block these leaks:

Ibrokes water damage


It’s just as well that Govan’s newest team true captains at the helm: men of integrity, men of standing, men who don’t jump ship at the first hint of trouble . . . oh wait.

Hold onto your cardigans, the water’s getting quite choppy – AGAIN!!!

Cardigan   its starting again

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