Sevco – the gift that’s not just for Christmas!

It is, of course, the gift that keeps on giving.  The comedy that is the never-ending Ibrokes soap opera is the only reliable and consistent feature of the omnishambles that continues to overwhelm Scotland’s newest club.  It is a farce that even Noel Coward couldn’t have dreamt up – and it’s proving difficult at times to keep up with the hilarious twists and turns as well as the ever-lengthening cast list of villains and, er, villains.

Here is our latest social media compendium of the Sevco fun-feast that’s been entertaining the Timdom and beyond.  Can I take your order sir?

Hun Pain  the perfect Xmas present!

Certainly Sir!   This week got underway with confirmation that Scotland’s oldest rookie manager had been sent home on pieternity leave.  How was he faring away from the gloryhole that is Murray Park?

Doesn’t look as though the new diet is going all that wellSleekit Garden Services   Stepson and Son


The new team don’t seem to be taking in his tactics talk all that well although they remained quintessentially cheery much like the Cheeky Chappy himself

McCoist gnome


At least he could take his mind off his troubles with a visit to Santa

Santa Sally


Of course his faith in Santa had been badly shaken of late.  Not entirely sure why . . .

Bad Santa


At least he had the comfort of knowing he’d left Murray Park in safe hands – introducing The Three Stooges!

Uncle Fester press conference


The fans at least would be enthused with the new man in charge, especially with his footballing pedigree:

Awkward moment  Celtic coach


Jukebox, Uncle Fester and Elbows would keep things ticking over nicely and no doubt close that short gap with Hearts to ensure the title was theirs.  Wouldn’t they???

Circus goes on


And then there was the promise that the new owner (doh!  don’t call him that !!) would be putting  serious money into the club – the news that had Scottish football shaking in its boots:

Ashley's 40 million


At least this week’s AGM would provide the chance to show our detractors that we’re back in business – and put an end to the club being a laughing-stock . . .

Marquee Signing


Ah, the marquee . . . who’d have thought it would prove such good value –  comedy value that is!

Fr Ted


Just as well the Chairman didn’t come across as a lame duck.  Or was that some sort of Masonic insignia?  It’s hard to keep up where the mafia for the mediocre are concerned:

Lame duck


The party atmosphere was enjoyable from the first boooooooo!

Disco Tent


Not forgetting some sales opportunities for the new owner (doh!):

Our Discount Tent

And not forgetting the retail opportunities either!

AGM activity set


In fact, there’s a number of commercial spin offs that the new owners could promote from the ongoing comic masterclass:

Guess Who board game


Don’t forget – It’s a rat trap Billy!

rat trap game


At least there remained the King of Good Hope waiting in the sidelines ready to come save the day when least expected:

Dave Nero King fiddles


What do you mean there’s more tax troubles in South Africa?!?  Nooooooooo!

Dave King behind the wire


Well, surely the united support would help make sure that no further harm came to “The Rangers” cause?  What about the famed Fighting Fund?

RFFF Dingwall fat fraudster


Ah but never mind Grandmaster Flab, what about honest Chris?  He hasn’t backed a wrong horse in this old, sorry saga yet!

Chris Graham Fury


We need men of their calibre to ensure the corrupt SFA don’t stop us returning to our rightful place at the top table of Scottish football.  Honestly, it feels sometimes as though we can’t catch a break.  And that they’re laughing at us all the way from Hampden . . .

Lawwell filthy animals


We will continue to take the fight to them!  We regret nothing that we’ve done so far in the cause of the mighty ‘Gers!  Wait . . . doesn’t that sound a bit familiar . . .

Craigy  Je Ne Regrette


If only we had the gift to see us as other see us . . .

I see dead people


Merry Xmas Bares!   

(Hold on, I thought I’d seen that marquee before . . .)

Merry Xmas HNY from Sevco


– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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