“Don’t sack McCoist . . .” – the online response to Sally’s latest coaching sensation

The BBC reported the Rangers Manager’s strong reaction to the semi-final defeat against Alloa:   McCoist is still locked in the dressing room with his team a full hour and a half after the final whistle. Fortunately, the Alloa full back is a locksmith


The news from Alloa didn’t please all of the Muppets . . .

Muppets gif


Tonight’s football results:

Wasps 3 WASPS 2


The Journey was meant to be all about making new friends . . . not the old faces pretending they’ve met you for the first time:

Alloa Alloa


SKY NEWS LATEST:   Small group outside the ground shouting for Ally to go……he came out to speak to them and ordered them back on the team bus.


All he needs is a hug –


. . . and some comforting  words of support from his chums at RangersMedia:

1st rule of Shite Club


Meanwhile at Celtic Park . . .

Don’t sack McCoist Ally McCoist,
Ye just don’t have 800 grand, 
cos If ye sack McCoist Ally McCoist,
Ye’ll have administration on yer hands.

Don’t sack McCoist Ally McCoist,
I just don’t think you understand
cos If ye sack McCoist Ally McCoist,
Ye’ll stop all the laughter in the land.



STV NEWS UPDATE:  Alloa in Match fixing shocker – 8 of their players only done a half shift before last night’s game.



Ally had put his shirt on a decent result in the semi . . .



. . .  but after throwing away a 2 goal lead it was the Celtic fans who had a semi!

Alloa . . . fucking alloa


Gonna pee


Chick Young on the manager’s press conferences tonight:  McCoist says his team downed tools at 2-0.  Barry Smith said his team downed tools at half 5.



McCoist’s current situation reminds us of another fine mess . . .

Spot the Difference


As predicted, Sally would be front page news in just 2 short years – it’s proving an arresting experience for all concerned.

Craigy  Big Plans


The bald truth though is that life isn’t turning out quite how Alistair expected.  Perhaps this is what Uncle Fester is advising him:

The Bald Truth


Even The Rangers previous least successful manager was losing faith in his friend’s coaching ability:

Durrant face palm


He’d learned his trade at the feet of a master though.

Shame it was a MasterBlaster:

Shite coach gif



Yet surely, leading 2-0 in a semi-final against minnows like Alloa would not present any problems to Scottish football’s youngest under-achieving manager:

How to beat Alloa


Surprised?  Who’d have thunk it!   The Cheeky Chappy always looks on the bright side:

Big eyes


Chemical Ally knows how to handle the Scottish sports media in a crisis like this though – “Calm down boys!  The club’s in safe hands – look!”

Chemical Ally


Ally was delighted that his leadership qualities were being compared to those of the Allies in World War 2.  He wasn’t quite sure who Captain Mainwaring was though:

Fuds Army


The young manager found that honesty was the best policy in his media dealings:

Know what you're doing


Even if he does occasionally get tongue-tied:




Fortunately he always retained the support of the fans and celebrity friends such as John Prescott . . .

John Prescott


. . . and the lassie from the Human League with the haircut that time forgot

In Ally We Trust 2


Some have suggested his over-sized coaching jacket might be on a shoogly nail . . .

You're fired


But Ally knows there are 800,000 reasons why that isn’t going to happen:

Cant afford to sack me


Ally pleaded with his players to open their eyes and look at him for leadership and direction:

Eyes have it


For some the sight was too gruesome.  Especially after he started comfort eating steak bakes in the dug out:

McCulloch terror



Ally has a nose for when things might be going wrong

Nose picker


But he still couldn’t see Alloa coming back to make it 2-2 on the night:

Suits you sir


He greeted the 3rd goal in true Rangers fashion:



He begged the fans to keep faith in him and his salary:

Hands out


They had other concerns after the humiliating exit to Alloa though:

Still The People


Ally always knew how to comfort them:

Thumbs up


He wasn’t concerned with what they could have won.  Even though the day before he’d said:  “I’d love it if this was our last Petrofac Cup campaign and I mean that in the nicest possible way. It maybe makes the game at Alloa that bit more special. Winning it in our final year would be the ideal scenario. That would be the dream ticket.”

What he could have won


Staunchness must prevail though.  Real Rangers men just don’t walk away from salaries that size:

We Don't Do Walking Away banner


The message from the Celtic support at this special time of the year is one of don’t worry be happy:

Efe upset



And if all else fails . . .



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