The Shamrock – Top 5 reads

The Shamrock - Top 5 reads

Since The Shamrock started in earnest online back in December, we’ve been overwhelmed at the interest shown from the Celtic support. In that six month period we’ve had over 90,000 views of our postings on this blog.

Here’s the pick of the best so far:

CELTIC SCARVES – A Brief History Over 4,600 views

Paradise Lost – When faith starts to flag just over 3,000

Political Football – No.1 Celtic FC and
the campaign for Irish Home Rule just over 2,800 views

SALIM! Celtic’s First Asian Sensation just under 1,900 views

THE NOBLE STRIDE – Celtic and the Pioneering Herons 1,571

The following articles have had over 1,500 views each:

The Sorrowful Mysteries – Tony Cascarino 1,563

FAITHFUL THROUGH & THROUGH Part 1: The Brake Club Phenomenon 1,508

Thank you for all the emails and messages online. We hope to keep producing articles and other timfoolery that is of interest to Celtic fans around the globe. Your feedback, negative as well as positive, is always welcome:

Hail x 2

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