Torridon CSC Carfin

Torridon CSC Carfin

2 thoughts on “Torridon CSC Carfin”

  1. Long shot. I’m given to understand that my late Grandfather Patrick Reynolds (since my birth, he lived in Ailsa Avenue followed by Brandon Court, Motherwell) was a founding member/involved with the Carfin Celtic? My Aunt seems to think he was possibly the Secretary? I’m guessing this would have been sometime in the 1940’s. I would be grateful for any information you have or know about his involvement with the club. It’s a part of our family’s social history I’d like to explore. I also understand the constraints of The GDPR but anything you can help with is better than nothing. Thank you.

  2. Hello Michael – I have the CSC Carfin’s 40th anniversary brochure. Your grandad isn’t mentioned on the original committee but he may feature in a photo of the CSC to Methil in the 1950s. Please email me at and I will send you the photo. Thanks.

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